Solutions for companies

Reliable solutions tailored specifically
to your business

To ensure the well-being and comfort of your employees and customers, we offer tailor-made air conditioning and heating solutions


Guarantee optimal comfort for your customers by optimising your operating costs

Efficient heating and air conditioning solutions that fit harmoniously into your premises.

  • Complete solutions: heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water
  • Improving reception and accommodation services
  • A design that respects the identity of your establishment
  • Optimal acoustic comfort without disturbance
  • Low energy consumption to reduce overheads
  • Durable, professional-quality equipment
  • Connected and remote-controllable solutions to manage your energy consumption

Improve the average basket with a pleasant shopping experience

Comfort and well-being in your sales areas are essential for creating ideal conditions for the process of buying.

  • Better air quality in your shops for your customers
  • The right temperature for a successful customer experience
  • Promotes time spent in the shop, with a direct impact on income
  • Low energy consumption to reduce operating costs
  • Durable, professional-quality equipment

Provide your employees with quality air and thermal comfort

The well-being of your employees at work, and the control of your energy consumption on your budget, are of paramount importance.

  • A global solution for the air-conditioning in your building
  • Energy-efficient solutions to reduce your fixed costs
  • Thermal efficiency for pleasant working conditions
  • Optimal acoustic comfort without disturbance
  • A minimalist and discreet design in your workspace
  • Durable, professional-quality equipment

Better safety and air hygiene for patients and medical staff

Our air-handling solutions meet the requirements for medical environments to provide optimum comfort and healthy air.

  • Controlled temperature for patient and caregiver comfort
  • Fresh, filtered air for each zone in the building
  • Space-saving solutions for small spaces
  • Low-energy consumption to reduce your operating costs
  • Durable, professional-quality equipment

Meet the challenges of safety and comfort in education and early childhood

Good-quality indoor air is becoming more important than ever, and our solutions are aimed at ensuring the well-being and health of children.

  • A global solution for treating the air in your premises
  • Energy-efficient installations for budget control
  • Thermal efficiency to keep children and teachers comfortable
  • Quiet devices for a learning environment

Keep your industrial and data infrastructures operational in complete safety

We provide high-reliability cooling solutions for the industry and for sensitive IT equipment (data centres, server farms, telecom shelters etc).

  • High-performance cooling that meets industrial requirements for temperature maintenance and dampness management
  • Air quality control to keep your facilities operational
  • Optimised energy consumption to rationalise costs
  • Intelligent recovery of generated energy
  • Durable, professional-quality equipment
  • Redundant operation for maximum safety