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How to choose your air conditioning ?

Air quality and well-being inside our homes are issues that concern us more than ever. With heat waves becoming more and more frequent, the need to equip oneself with air conditioning is more and more present. The needs differ according to the regions and the type of housing to be air-conditioned. What are the criteria to take into account?

Authorized professionals are at your disposal to assist you in your project. This article offers you some key points to help you find your way among the different solutions. Time to choose, decipher !

Step 1 – Understanding the different types of air conditioning

Air-to-air heat pumps

Both an air conditioner and a heater, it allows you to benefit from an optimal temperature all year round. If you want equipment that manages heat and cold, our Harmonia line of wall-mounted air conditioners offers the best of Airwell technology for absolute thermal comfort.

  • Built-in ioniser and powerful filters for healthy air all year round
  • 4D airflow for an even temperature throughout the room
  • Remote control for the right temperature at any time
  • Sleek, compact design with 6 color options to choose the perfect fit for your home
Climatiseur mural Aura
The air-water heat pump

This economical and ecological solution heats, cools and produces hot water!

It adapts to all the emitters in your home: underfloor heating, radiators or fan convectors. The installation is very easy because it does not require any work.

Step 2 – Choose the right model for your home

There’s an air conditioner for everyone! Whether you live in a studio, an apartment or a house, whether you face south or north, a solution has been designed for you. Let’s take a look together.

The wall-mounted air conditioner:aesthetic, it can be installed anywhere. Our Harmonia range integrates with elegance and sobriety into any type of interior.

The console air conditioner :it is the ideal solution to replace a radiator. Compact, it can be installed in small spaces with complete discretion. It offers the power of air conditioning and efficient heating with a consumption 4 times lower than a conventional radiator.


The invisible reversible air conditioning : the top of the top in terms of interior decoration and comfort! Embedded in a false ceiling, the device disappears completely from the field of vision. Very quiet, it also allows you to adjust the temperature room by room.

The mobile air conditioner : a ready-to-use solution. The air conditioner in the right place, at the right time. Perfect for a one-time need.

Step 3 – Identify the power you really need

It is very important to choose the right capacity for your home. According to the quality of insulation of your home and the volume to be air conditioned, you can evaluate the power adapted to your home :

  • For a low consumption home: 65 W/m2
  • For a house respecting recent thermal regulation: 75 W/m2
  • For a house older than 10 years without renovation: 125 W/m2
  • For a house less than 10 years old: 100 W/m2.

If the room has glazed surfaces, this must be taken into account as well as the orientation of the glazed surface, in order to refine the calculation. A professional will be able to evaluate your needs by combining the various factors in order to obtain the ideal power of your air conditioning.

A low consumption unit is preferable.
All Airwell units are of type A to A++.


Step 4 – Call on the expertise of an Airwell partner installer

The right temperature is the one that suits you best and is stable in summer and winter! We forget the temperature peaks and choose to breathe healthy air: it is proven that without any action on our part, the air in our home is more polluted than the air outside! By choosing an optimized equipment, you also opt for substantial savings.

As you can see, choosing a heat pump is no small matter. We therefore advise you to contact specialists. Do not hesitate to consult our site to find a retailer near you. He will help you build your project with professionalism and will accompany you in your choice.

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How to choose your air conditioning ?

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Reversible air conditioning is the all-in-one solution that combines the benefits of a heat pump and air conditioning.