World Climate Day, how to act ?

Did you know that ? This day is celebrated every year on December 8th. This world day was created by several NGOs in order to highlight the threats of global warming and the importance of changing our habits to limit the negative effects. This day also allows to remind the population that it is necessary to act in daily gestures and to become aware of the impact of its actions.

Climate change and seasonal changes force the population to equip themselves to improve their thermal comfort. Air conditioning and heat pump systems are becoming more and more accessible and thus meet the needs of consumers.

Thermal comfort is important for good health and to improve daily life. Cold or hot spells can lead to illness. Thus, it is necessary for consumers to equip themselves with quality products that will ensure their comfort throughout the year.

How to reduce costs ?

An air conditioning or heating system represents a significant cost for households. The price of installation, maintenance, but also energy consumption are to be taken into account. It is important to learn and understand your system in order to optimize its efficiency and reduce your energy bill.

Furthermore, when planning a renovation or construction project, it is necessary to consult the assistance to which you may be entitled. Many countries offer financial aid to encourage the renovation and purchase of environmentally friendly thermal solutions.

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What can you do to improve your energy costs ?

Energy consumption leads to CO2 emissions which contribute to global warming. Energy consumption in the residential sector has increased due to the rise in thermal equipment. However, it aims to stabilize thanks to product innovations that improve energy efficiency. The new buildings under construction are designed with innovative materials that allow better insulation and less energy loss. In addition, many subsidies promote the renovation of energy-intensive buildings in order to provide better insulation and thus a less frequent use of thermal systems.

How to choose the right thermal solution?

Opt for an economical and ecological solution by choosing an Airwell heat pump.

Indeed, this type of solution emits up to three to four times less CO2 than a conventional boiler. You can find them at reasonable prices depending on the model you choose.

To find out more about the benefits of heat pumps in the face of ecological challenges

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World Climate Day, how to act ?

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